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Ranfurly Care Society Incorporated has no connection with Ranfurly Care Limited, which is a company associated with the Ranfurly War Veterans home.

Ranfurly Care Society

The Ranfurly Care Society promotes the spiritual, physical and intellectual well-being of people with an intellectual disability. We stand as an advocate in the community, working for an environment that is protective, caring and educational; offering choices, promoting social contact and building a sense of achievement.

Ranfurly Care operates a residential and Activity Centre on the Ranfurly Road site, as well as a separate Residential Service for more able people at Cornwall Park Avenue.

Health and Disability Auditing New Zealand

The 2013 HDANZ audit improvements summation reported that Ranfurly’s key strengths are the friendly staff, good family feedback and the systems we have in place.

A month later we are elated to receive a letter from the MOH (Ministry of Health) informing us that we have been upgraded from eighteen-monthly audits, in place since 2004, to four yearly audits with a midpoint internal audit in September 2015.

The MOH said we can be very proud of our result and that the Ministry is considering making a comparison pie chart of the service provider’s results which will show what percentage of service providers have been awarded the four year audits. Jim DuRose Managing director of HDANZ “Congratulations and well done on your 4 year certification result”.


‘We strive to maintain an atmosphere that many larger organisations have sadly lost - an atmosphere of caring, support, having fun, education and of sharing our experiences with each other.’


Ranfurly Care Society, 52-56 Ranfurly Road, Epsom, Auckland. Phone: 09 630 3010. Email: